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directLEGAL.ca is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. directLEGAL.ca has made arrangements to have lawyers in every jurisdiction in Canada available to support the services offered through the directLEGAL.ca Website.


The material contained on the Website is published solely for purposes of general information, it has been prepared for purposes of general information and it does not claim to provide the complete state of the law on any issue or question. In no case, should it be considered as a legal opinion or an answer to a particular question, nor should it be read “as such”, and should be considered as general information, without our liability being engaged in any way whatsoever. Unless otherwise expressly stated herein, this website is made available for your personal non-commercial use.
In no event, shall directLEGAL.ca be held liable for damages of any nature whatsoever, including for actual damages, indirect or consecutive, arising from the use, from the application in a particular situation of general information or from documents and contracts published on this website.
You should not act solely on the basis of the information contained therein.
Contract / document forms on the website, although personalized, do not apply to all legal situations. If you have questions about the relevance of these documents in relation to the legal situation in which you find yourself, we recommend that you seek legal advice before signing. The responsibility of directLEGAL.ca cannot extend beyond the unit cost of the selected service or document.
The information on this website is provided to you on an “as is” basis. In spite of all our care, the present publication can contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. directLEGAL.ca disclaims any direct or indirect liability. directLEGAL.ca disclaims any liability in respect of any loss or damage suffered, in whole or in part, which may result from an error or omission in relation to the consultation, the drafting, the updating and the use of one of the documents on this website. Your use of this website and of the material contained therein is made completely at your own risk.

No lawyer-client relationship

No lawyer-client, consultant, fiduciary or other relationship, is established when you access or use the Website in whatever way, with the exception of any activity related to the purchase of legal services which are covered by a separate engagement agreement.

Payment and Purchase of Unbundled Legal Services

All unbundled legal services are being offered in accordance to the terms outlined on the directLEGAL.ca Website at https:/directLEGAL.ca/PRODUCTS. All unbundled legal services are offered by the independent lawyers and law firms which have contracted with directLEGAL.ca, including any law firm acting as a sponsor of our work (the “Sponsoring Law Firm”) and any corresponding law firm or lawyer who may be contracted by the Sponsoring Law Firm.
The unbundled services appear and are fully described on the Product Page on the directLEGAL.ca Website. https://www.directlegal.ca/products/
PLEASE NOTE that the purchase of products on the directLEGAL.ca site https://www.directlegal.ca/products/ provides you access to the directLEGAL.ca platform and for the purposes of this agreement only up to 15% of the purchase price is allocated to the provision of legal services. There may be other agreements between directLEGAL.ca, the Sponsoring Law Firm or any correspondent firm, but you will only be charged what is indicated on our site.
The unbundled services are purchased by the purchaser online or by phone with a credit card to be charged by directLEGAL.ca Assistance Inc./directLEGAL.ca
directLEGAL.ca Assistance Inc. will charge its service fees to the Sponsoring Law Firm for giving access to the Website and the distribution of the service described in the Product Page.
When dealing with directLEGAL.ca, please note that the lawyer, legal analyst or the intake agent are acting for and on behalf of the Sponsoring Law Firm or its correspondent (as applicable). The Sponsoring Law Firm will charge directLEGAL.ca for the legal fees to be paid to it in accordance to agreements existing between the parties.

Conflict of Interest

When dealing with a lawyer, the lawyer provides their assistance to you in an independent manner. The independent lawyers working with the Sponsoring Law Firm, cannot provide independent advice to opposing parties. In the rare case that opposing parties seek legal help through the directLEGAL.ca Website and our conflict of interest search identifies the existence of such a conflict of interest, the question will not be presented to the same independent lawyer and will be referred to another independent lawyer. A waiver of conflict of interest can only be granted by the client.

Electronic communications

directLEGAL.ca or its affiliates may communicate with you or other people to mainly provide documents using various forms of electronic communications, including but not limited to email. You can also correspond with directLEGAL.ca or its affiliates or send documents by electronic means. These electronic communications may contain confidential or privileged information, unless you ask not to send these data electronically. It is possible that electronic communications are intercepted or blurred by third parties or they may contain computer viruses for which we cannot provide a vaccine.


You may print or download extracts from this website for personal use provided that the text is not modified and that you include in every copy of such content the copyright notice. This website is subject to exclusive copyright in favour of directLEGAL.ca Assistance Inc. which reserves all of its rights thereupon.

Information used for billing

When you buy a service through this website or by telephone, we gather the information used for billing (eg credit card) to process your payment. To further protect your privacy, we never store on this website the information regarding your credit card. (We are asking you for the coordinates of your credit card at every purchase). Payments are processed by certified assistants and banks in accordance with this Policy regarding the protection of your privacy.


When you open an account, you must choose a password or use the social sign in. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your password and all damages resulting from its disclosure by yourself or caused by any other person using your password to access your account or your account ID. We advise you not to respond in any way to any online request asking you for your password. directLEGAL.ca will never ask you to provide your password either online or offline, unless you need to enter in order to obtain an online service. The use of your account ID and associated password will serve as evidence of your use of an online service.

Protection of personal information

Our firm is committed to ensuring the protection of personal information provided on our website and as notary, we are subject to a code of ethics, which forbids us to disclose any information about you without your written authorization. We take appropriate measures to protect against loss or theft, or else against unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. These protective measures include physical measures, such as restricting access to our offices and to our equipment, organizational measures, such as inquiries of security and membership of our staff in the present commitment.

No guarantee offered with respect to certain elements and limitation of liability

We cannot guarantee that our website will be available at all times or that it will meet your requirements, or that access thereto will be uninterrupted, that there will be no delays, failures, errors, omissions or loss of transmitted information, or that no virus or other contaminating or destructive element will be transmitted or that no damage will be caused in your computer system.
Therefore, although we make every effort to ensure that our website contains no error, we do not guarantee that the contents and the use of our website will be exempt from errors, defects, anomalies, problems or virus and of interruption or discontinuation (an “error”) and we disclaim all liability with regard to any error which could find itself on our website. In no event, our website and directLEGAL.ca, their owners, shareholders, related companies, affiliates, licensees, directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents shall be responsible for all the fortuitous or accidental damages, whether foreseeable or not, directly or indirectly related to the use of or the access to the directLEGAL.ca Website and to its contents, including among others the loss of data, income or profits arising from the use or the incapacity to use elements on our website.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, our website and elements contained therein are available as they are presented to the users and they are not subject to any implicit or explicit guarantee.

Control of the use of our website

By using our services, you accept that the directLEGAL.ca Website can proceed to the collection, transfer, storage and use of your personally identifiable information on servers.
Indeed, our website maintains a log to record events related to safety or that are of interest for an audit or else for statistical purposes. May be recorded in this log all access to our website or to sections thereof, all communications sent or received by a user as well as any other activity related to our website.
To adapt better our website to our customers’ expectations, we keep the information required to record the number of visitors, busiest pages, the technology used by the visitors, sites of referencing and the country of origin of the users.


You agree that your use of our website and the services offered therein is at your own risk.
We provide you with the contents of our website as it is. In accordance with the limits allowed by law, our website, its owners, shareholders, related companies, affiliates, partners, licensees, officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents disclaim all warranties, express or implied, with respect to our website and your use thereof.
To adapt our website to our customers’ expectations, we keep the information required to record the number of visitors, busiest pages, the technology used by the visitors, sites of referencing and the country of origin of the users.
directLEGAL.ca provides no guarantee and makes no representation regarding the accuracy or the completeness of the contents of our website or the other websites which are connected with it and furthermore, our website, its owners, shareholders, related companies, affiliates, partners, licensees, officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents assume no responsibility for:
(a) the errors or inaccuracies of the contents of the directLEGAL.ca Website;
(b) the damages in the properties or in the person whatsoever arising from your access to our website and your use thereof;
(c) any unauthorized access to or the use of your secure servers and/or your personally identifiable information or financial information contained therein;
(d) any interruption or cessation of transmission with our website or from our website;
(e) the viruses or any similar material which can be transmitted on our website or through our website by third parties;
(f) the errors and omissions in the contents of our website; and
(g) for any loss or damage of any kind arising from the use of any contents transmitted or otherwise made available by our website.
We do not guarantee that the material and the contents available on our website are compatible with your equipment or are exempt from errors or from other defects and consequently our website, its owners, shareholders, related companies, affiliates, partners, licensees, officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents disclaim any liability for any damage whatsoever suffered by you due to your use of our website.


Trademarks and logos appearing on this website are used by this website or belong to this website or to third parties. By allowing the access to the website Secure, we do not authorize in any way the use by anyone, directly or indirectly, of a trademark appearing on this website without the prior written permission of the owner thereof.

Information collected on our website and confidentiality

Currently, our website does not use in a permanent way “cookies” or “witnesses”. We use rather “session cookies” or “witnesses of session” only for the purpose of your visit on our Website. However, our website could possibly use “cookies” or “witnesses” in a permanent way and in such a case, we will publish on our website our decision to use such “cookies” or “witnesses”.
If we decide to use in a permanent way “cookies” or “witnesses”, our website will then send “cookies” or “witnesses” to your computer which will identify your browser in a unique way. In such a case, our servers would automatically register certain information that your browser will send when you will use our website, as your IP address, your browser type and its language, the pages viewed, the date and the hour of your request, etc. If we decide eventually to use “cookies”, then our website agrees not to use them to obtain personally identifiable information which were not originally sent to you by our website, by the intervention of one of these “witnesses”.

Dynamic links and Software to be downloaded

The dynamic links available on our website will allow you to reach other websites which are not operated or controlled by our Website or by directLEGAL.ca, including the websites of companies affiliated to our website and/or to directLEGAL.ca. If you click on these links, you will thus leave our website to be redirected towards another website and in doing so, our website cannot guarantee that you will then be protected adequately; indeed, it would be possible that these other websites send you their own “witnesses”, collect data or request personally identifiable information. The fact that these other websites are listed on our website or are accessible from our website do not engage the responsibility of our website in any way. By using our website, you release us automatically of all and each of the responsibilities arising from your use of these other websites.
You will thus have to read the rules and policies for the protection of personally identifiable information which are specific to each of these other websites on which you will be redirected when you click on these links. Our website does not assume any responsibility as for the existing policies regarding the right to respect for private life of such other websites, for the information collected by these other websites and for the security of your personally identifiable information which you will transmit on these other websites. If you wish that these other websites stop sending you and reading “witnesses” in your computer, you must make them the request by communicating directly with them.
We offer you these links for your convenience only and by offering these links on our website, we do not make us responsible for these other websites and it does not mean that our website supports, endorses, authorizes, recommends these other websites, nor expresses its agreement with the products, services or information presented on these other websites. We are not responsible in any way for the contents of the websites to which these links lead and we make no representation or recommendation whatsoever as for any other website which you could access from our website. If you access other websites from our website, you do so entirely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that any website which you choose to consult is exempt from potentially destructive elements, such as viruses.
The dynamic links towards websites of software to be downloaded are also supplied for your convenience only and we are not responsible for the difficulties associated with the download of such software, nor for any damage whatsoever that could be caused to you by such download.

Various provisions

The terms of this notice constitute the entire agreement between directLEGAL and the users of this website with regard to its use. Failure by directLEGAL to require the strict respect of any provision of the present agreement cannot be interpreted as a renunciation on its part to the rights provided herein. The fact that any provision of this legal notice is declared void, invalid or otherwise unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction does not affect at all the validity of the other remaining provisions hereof.

Indemnification for directLEGAL

By using our website and our services, you agree to stand up, to defend, to indemnify and hold harmless directLEGAL.ca, its owners, shareholders, related companies, affiliates, partners, licensees, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, parent company and subsidiaries from any claims, damages, losses, demands, liabilities, obligations, debts, costs, causes of action and judgments (including the reasonable attorneys’ fees and the judicial expenses) resulting of or in connection with:
(a) your use of our website or your access to our website and to its contents, including the fact to allow other users to use your username, password and customer account;
(b) the breach by yourself of any condition for the use of our website and any of the terms mentioned herein;
(c) your violation of the rights of any third party, including, but without any limitation, copyrights, property rights and the rights to respect for private life;
(d) any claim or action to the effect that your material transmitted or uploaded on our website caused damages to a third party.
This obligation of defense and indemnification will survive the conditions of use set forth herein and your use of our services on our website.


The website of directLEGAL.ca is published in Canada and the server used by directLEGAL.ca is located on the Canadian territory. This website is governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and the terms applicable thereto shall be construed in accordance with same.
By visiting the website of directLEGAL.ca or by accessing it, you accept that the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada, without regard to the principles of conflict of laws, govern the Terms of Use set forth herein as well as any dispute which could arise between you and directLEGAL.ca or its affiliated companies. All disputes, proceedings and claims arising from this website or in connection with this website must be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec.

Update of the present notice and conditions of use

This notice will be updated and modified from time to time, without advance notice.
Consequently, when you access this website, make sure to read this notice.

Additional Policies of directLEGAL

directLEGAL.ca has adopted policies to enact the standards and the rules to be followed when using its website as well as for all the exchanges and the transfers of data and documents passing in transit from its website. Consequently, these policies were developed in accordance with the laws listed below:
i. Personal Information Protection in private sector Act (RSQ, c. P-39.1)
ii. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (SRC 2000, c.5)
These laws were adopted with the aim of establishing the rules to be followed as for the collection, the handling, the exchange, the transfer, the saving, the storage and the archiving of data collected from electronic systems in order to protect the personal and confidential character of data concerning the customers.


COLLECT: Action to collect, enter, obtain and record personal and confidential information from any source whatsoever, including information collected, captured, obtained and recorded through our business partners, professionals or any other persons.
EXCHANGE / TRANSFER: Action to disclose and transfer to a third party, by electronic way, the information collected from our website and products or services, in order to conclude a specific mandate.
REPRESENTATIVE: Directors, employees, subcontractors and all other individuals duly authorized by directLEGAL.ca.
PERSONAL INFORMATION: All information held on a client, a legal counsel, a business partner, a customer or every third person except for however the coordinates related to the professional field of every individual, customer and/or business partner.
HANDLING: Management, processing, archiving of data and documents by directLEGAL and its representatives.
BUSINESS PARTNER: Company with share capital, association, grouping, affiliation, business or any other person having entered into an agreement with directLEGAL.
CUSTOMER/USER: Every person accessing the interactive platform of directLEGAL.ca and holding a customer account with our company in which he can connect by using his unique username and his password.


2.1 directLEGAL.ca has appointed its managing officer so that this one ensures the compliance with the rules set out in this document


3.1 directLEGAL.ca can in no way be held responsible for the personal and confidential information collected on its website, which are required for the creation and the opening of customer accounts.
3.2 directLEGAL.ca neither will sell, nor will rent, share, lend or exchange with anyone its list of users, for marketing purposes, its website being governed by the laws applicable in Canada.
3.3 directLEGAL.ca can use the email addresses of its users for administrative purposes only and under no circumstances, will use these email addresses to send commercial messages, in order to do promotional activities or for marketing purposes, without having obtained previously the consent of its users.


4.1 All the documents and personal and confidential information captured by the business partners, the professionals and the customers of this website are stored in its databases in order to be transferred towards future addressees.
4.2 All the documents and personal and confidential information captured on this website by its business partners, professionals and customers are and remain the exclusive property of these business partners, professionals and customers.
4.3 directLEGAL.ca can in no way be held responsible as for the accuracy of the personal and confidential information captured by business partners, professionals and customers on its website, directLEGAL.ca disclaiming all liability in this regard.
4.4 All the documents and other materials uploaded on its website by its business partners, professionals and customers are and remain the exclusive property of these business partners, professionals and customers.
4.5 directLEGAL.ca can in no way be held responsible as for the accuracy of documents and other materials uploaded on its website by its business partners, professionals and customers, directLEGAL.ca disclaiming all liability in this regard.
4.6 In no event, directLEGAL.ca will modify this personal and confidential information, documents, and other materials, nor will intervene in any way in the capture, the addition, the modification or the deletion of such information, documents, and other materials except in an exceptional case where the intervention of a representative for security services would be required, but only after having obtained previously an express request on behalf of the business partner, legal counsel and user concerned and having validated the identity of such an applicant in compliance with the safety standards.
4.7 directLEGAL.ca neither will sell, nor will rent, share, lend or exchange with anyone the confidential and personal information which have been captured and the documents and other materials uploaded on its website.


5.1 directLEGAL.ca offers to its business partners, professionals and customers an electronic platform, secure and reliable, allowing and facilitating the exchanges of information between its various participants and business partners.
5.2 The role of directLEGAL.ca consists in securing and in protecting the access to information captured on its website.
5.3 directLEGAL.ca can in no way be held responsible for the sending, the transfer or the assignment of the information captured on its website, to any addressee because the choice of this one is the exclusive responsibility of its business partners, professionals or customers.


6.1 directLEGAL.ca offers to its professionals and customers one or several secured servers allowing the upload of documents and other materials.


7.1 As a service provider, directLEGAL.ca collects the personal and confidential information and preserves the documents and other materials uploaded on its website, for the purposes of archiving same.
7.2 All the information and the documents collected by the directLEGAL.ca are stored on its servers which are located in a place equipped with safety devices limiting the access to authorized personnel only.


8.1 To access the services offered by directLEGAL and to assure the safety of its website, every customer must hold beforehand a customer account which includes a unique username and a password.
8.2 Every person holding a customer account undertakes not to disclose to anybody his username and his password and to modify his password in the event that he has unveiled it inadvertently or if he has good reason to believe that a third party was able to acquaint with it.
8.3 At any time, directLEGAL reserves its right, in the event of a reasonable doubt of a misuse made by the holder of an account so that he creates a security breach or causes a damage to its website, to disable the account of such user and without prior notice.


All our representatives who have access to the information and the documents passing in transit via our website are aware of their importance and are subject to confidentiality agreements. They made, moreover, a commitment to respect the company’s policies outlined in this document. Any violation of these agreements and policies are subject to legal consequences.
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